Monday, October 15, 2012

Sight Words and Spelling at Dinner

Popcorn Sight Words

Super Secret Spelling List - because it's under cover! Hee hee!
Here at the South house the kitchen table truly is the center of the home. It's probably even pretty close to the literal center of the home too. We eat there, we talk there, we pray there, we do homework there, we craft there, and we eat some more (my 3rd grader would be impressed with my runon sentence).

Since the table is so frequently used I bought some fairly thick plastic (2 yards from JoAnn's using a coupon of course) to protect the table. I trimmed the edges to match the oval shape and even used painters tape (another household staple) to tape the "tablecloth" in place. We love this table and it is my Grandma's table that her family loved and used for years. We want it to have a long life in our family too.

I was recently struggling to remember to quiz my beginning reader on his sight words. The brilliant thought came to me (after some prayer and meditation) to put the sight words under the "tablecloth." Now before and during every meal I ask him to read the words closest too him. For the older kids I started asking them to put their spelling word list under the plastic. I think it is helping on the reading front and this week's spelling tests will show whether or not it's helping with spelling too.

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