Friday, July 27, 2012

Recycle Sign Take 2 - and a giveaway

My previous attempt at a recycling sign ended up being recycled within minutes of completion, but my kids get their determination from somewhere so I tried again. So far the vinyl signs pass the baby quality control test. I'm sure it helped that I clipped her fingernails yesterday! But seriously I don't think she has the fine motor skills to pull this one off. Hope I'm right. :)

In case YOU need a vinyl recycle sign, I'm giving away a set of two dark green vinyl recycle signs (identical to the ones shown here) to one lucky person. To enter the giveaway leave a comment telling me how you motivate yourself or your kids to do chores during the summer and I'll pick one lucky winner next week. Last day to enter is July 31st.


  1. I love the sign and the baby testing method. Since our recycling bins are too ugly to deserve such high-class signage, I won't leave a motivational comment; I will just wish you well in the endeavor of getting chores done!

  2. As far as motivation goes - the sad truth is that threats work best at the moment. I've instituted a rule that any toys not put away at the end of the day will be "confiscated." This means that they are confined to my bedroom until the child chooses to "redeem" them. If they wait too long, the toy may end up being donated or trashed.

    I do get a little extra motivation from those who want to redeem their toys. A few more walls/chairs washed, etc. Unfortunately, this technique has also created a huge pile of toys in the corner of my room - I'm still working on this one!

    And, I could certainly use a recycle sign. Our babysitters have also been known to mistake the recycle bin for a trash can - even though they are right next to each other:)

  3. My almost 4 year old often asks to watch a movie or TV show. He always has to clean up at least one room before he gets this privilege. He also always insists I help him, he says he can't do it by himself. Sometimes I can get away with just being in the room and directing him, giving him short and simple directions. "Pick up 5 toys and take them to the play room" or "put all the magnets back on the fridge." Or I'll make it a competition. "I'm going to put away all the cars before you can!"

    The recycle sign is a great idea. Right now I just have an empty box next to our garbage can acting as our recycle bin, but I've recently decided I should just buy another can, so it's on my shopping list.

    1. Email me your address at southpawcrafts at gmail and I'll mail you some awesome recycle signs!! Thanks for commenting.


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