Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Parable of the Unwanted Christmas Tree

 I've got a Christmas parable to share. There was a young mom who grew tired of her Christmas tree.  You see, it was very small, very old and very ugly.  And her friend had a tree that was very tall, very beautiful, and very expensive.  She spent a long time looking for the RIGHT Christmas tree to buy at the RIGHT price. But never found it.  So she decided to change her attitude, and this is what happened.

After Christmas last year she went to the post Christmas sales and bought new Christmas ornaments for $2.  Then she bought new (to her) Christmas ribbon from a friend at a nickel auction for 10 cents.  Then she bought new Christmas lights for the tree at half off after Christmas.
So although her tree has not changed, it's decorations and her attitude have.  A terrible picture, but the view from the outside of our house in December. The right side is the Christmas tree, the left side is a regular tree we rescued from it's destination at the dump. (Someone left it on the curb.) 
 The best part is, the tree really is only half as tall as it looks from the outside.  To keep Kent away from the ornaments, we cornered the tree by rearranging a couch.  Then we put the tree up on a box. So to those driving by, it looks like we have a perfectly suitable and beautifully decorated Christmas tree.  And those who I invite into my home who will quickly be able to detect the fallacy? Well, I'm not worried about them.  I only invite friends in! And a true friend is someone who loves you the way you are. (or the way your tree is. Or the way your messy house is.)
Margaret, Bonnie, and Anna, you'll love to know that this is the very tree that you used in your college days to decorate Vilo's basement apartment. (so you know just how pitiful it can be haha!) It is still very much in use in the family. And it has taught me some good lessons along the way.
 Merry Christmas!

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