Monday, November 26, 2012

Homemade Gifts - Funny Faces Quiet Page

Spoiler alert: If I drew your name for Christmas in the sibling exchange stop reading now!

This is my favorite quiet page of all time (at the moment). In the process of making it every kid in the house ended up playing with it. The boy hair became a beard, a mustache, a crown, etc. The yellow center for the flowers became buttons, eyes, earrings, etc.

I contemplated sewing some pieces together like the yellow center onto the flower, but didn't. Rather than telling the kid what the piece was intended for it's fun to see how they interpret or use the pieces.

Warning: not for small kids who put everything in their mouths!
Funny Face Quiet Page

Roll to Store Funny Face Quiet Page

Funny Face Quiet Page ready to go in ziplock

Funny Face 2 Quiet Page

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