Monday, November 12, 2012

The End of Bathroom Towel Wars

Two Towel Rods = War
 When we moved into our house we were a family of 4. The builder graciously? gave us one towel rod in each bathroom which we soon upgraded to two towel rods in each bathroom. Now we are a family of 7 and everyone seems to want a dry towel after their bath (recycling anyone? - just kidding I prefer my own towel too).

It seemed that the kids bathroom had a chronic condition called towel-apathy. The towels always wound up on the floor looking very pathetic or when they were hung up the bathroom looked like a laundry mat with multiple towels on the same rod and towels over the shower rod too.
Six Towel Hooks Plus Rod = No Towels on the Floor?
This morning with my miniature assistant I put up this nifty towel hook contraption courtesy of Walmart clearance (otherwise I would have been making it and it would have taken longer). I opted to leave the lower rod in hopes of teaching our children to use a hand towel when they wash their hands. Besides, you can never have too many towel rods in this house.

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