Friday, November 30, 2012

Homemade Gifts - Quiet Pages Counting Book

This idea came off of pinterest somewhere, but has been very customized by me. I think quiet books are awesome, but the thought of creating page after page and putting it into one big book is intimidating (i.e. takes too long). I've opted to do Quiet Pages. Same concept as a quiet book, but in individual page format. Plus if you have multiple kids they can each have a page instead of one person having the book.

stiff felt cut to 8 X 12
small ribbon
wider ribbon
twill tape (or wide ribbon would do)
assortment of beads
number beads
Counting Page in progress - notice marks 1" apart for ribbons

Toddler Tested - Mother Approved

Counting Quiet Page

Counting Quiet Page

Most of my beads came from my daughter's discarded collection (the garage sale box) so my cost was minimal.

I won't make a detailed tutorial, but I will say that super glue isn't a good idea. I started out gluing the ribbon down to keep it in place while I sewed, but ended up just hand placing each ribbon as I got to it (worked much better and didn't leave super glue residue on my sewing machine).

The title on the front is in heat transfer vinyl. There are some advantages to having your own online business!
Love the Red Number Beads

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  1. Margaret,
    We were delighted to receive one of these for Christmas. It has been great during church, and I think it's beautifully done.


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