Friday, September 23, 2011

Cooling the House Economically

Now that it's officially fall South Texas weather has decided to cool off just a little. This morning it was 70 degrees when I took the kids to school and they all wanted jackets!

When I got home from the school run I decided to open some windows to cool the house (for free) before we get back up to 90 degrees later today. I even left the front door open for a few minutes while helping a kiddo ride his bike.

Mr. Birdy liked the open door policy and paid us a visit. I managed to escort him out without any harm. Maybe I'll change my open door policy a little :)


  1. We haven't had birds inside the house for a long time, but recently 2 birds, or the same dumb bird twice, have flown smack into a window and a sliding door. Thankfully the encounters weren't fatal.

  2. Last night at our house it was cold and rainy. Unbeknownst to me, the garage door had been left open, as had the door to the house. (No wonder I was feeling a draft. . .) I was sitting in the kitchen with the kids all in bed when I heard the pitter patter of little feet on the kitchen floor. They didn't sound like familiar pitter patters, though, so I turned around to investigate, just in time to see a opossum (wet and muddy) walking back out of the kitchen. Ha! I saw him out and shut the doors behind him, and then had a good laugh.

  3. A opossum certainly beats my little birdy. Thanks for sharing.


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