Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Supermarket Savings Tip

I just started using this tip and it's amazing I didn't come across this idea a long time ago.

When buying produce in 5 pound bags or 3 pound bags, weigh two or three bags and pick the heaviest.

Today I bought a 5 pound bag of apples that actually weighed 5.75 pounds! Of course you may only find a bag that is 5 1/3 pounds but that's still more than 5 pounds. I haven't yet found a bag that is less than the marked weight.

Let's do the math.
  • 5 pounds of apples hand selected (additional time)
    • $1.37/pound
    • total cost $6.85
  • 5 pound bag of apples
    • $5.47 total cost
    • actually 5 3/4 pounds
    • and faster too!
  • Savings $1.38
    • plus the extra 3/4 pounds 
    • plus the shorter time in the store (time is money!)
My 3 year old shopping assistant is usually very helpful, but lately he's had the "gimme's." So speedy shopping is essential for my own sanity!

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