FiveFrugalSisters share savings tips, tales, and triumphs and some of life's lessons along the way. We are homemakers, wives, mothers, daughters of our Heavenly Father, and friends. Our parents taught us to be frugal, and now we are teaching the next generation those valuable life skills while enhancing our own frugal skills.

Margaret - mother of 5, wife of a great gardener, likes to quilt, sew, read and of course save money. Instigator of this blog project.

Bonnie - mother of 4 (two by birth, two by marriage), musician extraordinaire, former college choir director - now full-time Mommy, part-time piano teacher, and the life of the party.

Anna - mother of 4, baker and cake decorator, loves French and the French horn, assists her husband in his accounting business.

Lisa - mother of 4, creative seamstress, awesome healthy organic cook, homeschool mom, wife of a PhD student. 

Nancy - mother of 3, makes the best homemade pizza, "rockin" sister (helps with the in-law's rock business on occasion), and marched in the university marching band.

Carol - mother of 3, loves running, excellent pianist and organist, makes everything fun, you can't help but have a good time around Carol. Wife of a newly graduated dentist.

Tessa - most recent sister addition, busy working on a college degree, but we know she has her own crafty streak because she made the corsages for her very own wedding.

Now if you counted that's actually SEVEN frugal sisters. Five of us grew up together in a family of 5 boys and 5 girls and of course 2 parents. Now we're lucky enough to have two more great sisters by marriage.

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