Thursday, January 10, 2013

Scripture App

I'm not sure if this counts as being frugal, but it has been a BIG help to me in my spirituality (and that's worth a lot), so I'm passing it along.

I have struggled for years making scripture study and journal writing part of my daily routine.  At one point I even devoted the first 15 minutes of my elliptical machine use to reading scriptures.  That one flopped - I can't imagine why:)

My latest, most successful attempt centers around my computer.  I've noticed over the years that my life in large part revolves around my computer.  It is a very, very rare day that I don't turn on the computer at least once.  And now that I'm helping my husband with his business, I spend even more time with my keyboard.  So, the idea was this: I found a scripture app that I liked, (I chose, but there are lots of them out there).  Then, I put the program in my start-up folder.  (A suprisingly simple process - in Windows 7/XP, click your "Start" button, select "All Programs," find and open the "Startup" folder, and drag/drop your program into it! - I've since switched to Windows 8, which I don't understand, so these instructions are subject to the limits of my rather-limited-memory).

This means that, each time I start my computer, LDS Scriptures opens up.  I have a personal rule that I can't shut it until I've written a short note in the journal section and read a least a few verses.  So far, it's been quite successful.
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