Monday, September 26, 2011

Dead Bread?

Ever wind up with stale bread? Or bake a loaf bread only to discover that you left out the salt? Or have your bread fall in the oven? Or have leftover waffles that no one will eat?

When that happens, I normally slice the bread and throw it in my toaster oven on low for 45 minutes, then break it in pieces and use the blender to make it into bread crumbs, which I freeze for use in meatloaf, meatballs, breaded chicken, etc.

I've just come across another use for not-so-perfect bread: bread pudding. Pumpkin bread pudding, actually. It's like a lighter, faster pumpkin pie. I found a recipe online , (leaving out the currants and nuts) and, wonder of wonders, my husband and all three children devoured it!


  1. Great ideas! Maybe I'll try making bread more often now that I know it won't be a total waste if I mess up.

  2. I need to save bread crumbs so I can try that recipe! I looks and sounds great.

  3. Clarification:
    For the bread pudding, you don't need bread crumbs, just stale bread that you cut up into 1 inch squares. Sorry about the confusion.


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