Thursday, November 15, 2012

Balloon Pinatas

For my daughter's birthday party I thought it would be fun to fill a balloon with candy for each kid.  Kind of a mini-pinata.  Plus we were doing a princess party and someone online had the idea to do it and say that the candy was under a spell and they had to break the spell (and the balloon) to get their candy.  Cheesy, but it fit the theme.  After getting candy and trying to stuff it into an deflated balloon, I realized there had to be a better way.  Back to the internet!  This is what worked for me:

1. Get a tube.  The bigger the more candy you can put it, but you have to be able to stretch a balloon across one end.  What I found was a vacuum attachment tube. 

2. Get candy.  Make sure it fits in your tube.  You can also get confetti, but since I didn't want confetti all over my house, I didn't.

3. Get balloons.  The big kind.

4. Stretch the balloon over one end of the tube.  Fill the tube with candy and confetti, and blow up the balloon using the tube.  So you have your lips, tube filled with candy, and then the balloon.  (I did wash out my vacuum tube before doing this!)  When the balloon gets pretty big the neck of the balloon expands enough that you can tilt the tube down and all the candy falls into the balloon.  Then you just take the balloon off, let air out till it's the right size, and tie it.

The kids had a great time with it, especially since they were 4 year olds and actually had a bit of a challenge popping their balloons.  Great fun and faster than the papier mache pinata I made for the last birthday party!  give it a try just for fun!

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