Monday, July 23, 2012

Picture Proof - I did something today

 A few days ago I acquired/bought an additional garbage can to use for recycling. Well, the babysitter assumed it was a trash can and used it as such. I dumped the trash into the trash and thought the problem was solved. A few hours later the baby was picking through the recycling (while I'm fixing dinner) and came across a piece of gum. She had her fingers stuck together and was trying to get it off (very clean baby :). It was kind of funny and I was grateful it wasn't in her hair or on her clothes or in the carpet.

So today I made a recycling sign out of cardstock. Glad I took a picture because Miss Baby decided to clean up the can for me by taking those recycle signs off. At least she recycled the sign after she took it off and shredded it. I guess I should teach her that shredding isn't necessary unless personal information is involved. :)

Someday I'll stop posting upside down pictures. Just turn your screen (unless you're using a desktop like I am right now).

I think I'll try vinyl next time so Miss Baby can have a rematch with the recycling can.

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