Saturday, October 20, 2012

2 x 4 Kids Turkey Craft

I recently hosted a craft day to gather opinions about the crafts I'm preparing for a Fall Craft Show. I had a kid craft kit that is so much fun I thought I'd share. The tutorial or instructions for the 2 x 4 Turkey Craft are on my craft blog

Since you don't have the advantage of buying a kit from me (I'm not shipping 2x4s folks), you will need:

a square piece of 2x4
the end of a 5 gallon paint stick (for the turkey neck and head)
5 wide popsicle sticks (buy the colored ones if you can find them)
2 wiggly eyes
and a little creativity to create the beak and waddle (or contact me and I can ship you some vinyl beaks for cheap).

Stuff not included in my kit but needed:
brown paint and paint brush
glue (school glue works fine)
other paint colors if your popsicle sticks are not colored

My crafty email is southpawcrafts at gmail. I'd be happy to make your custom beaks. I do other vinyl-y things too :)

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