Thursday, October 11, 2012

Hemming Jeans = pocket money

Lately several people have asked me to do minor alterations or mending for them. It has been a learning experience. I knew how to hem things, but I have to admit this was my first time hemming a lined pair of women's dress slacks. It wasn't hard, just had multiple layers.

The jeans were a different story. I wanted to keep the decorative edging, but I didn't really want to recreate it. Thanks to google and the magic of the internet I found this tutorial. I had to do it a little differently (take in a small bit of the leg so the cuff width would match the leg width and take out the extra fabric because there was quite a bit of it. But I think it looks great and will work well.

Maybe next time someone asks me if I can line their lace sleeves I'll be brave enough to figure that one out too.

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