Friday, September 21, 2012

The Recycle Bin Saga Continues

Remember how I made a nifty recycle sign out of cardstock and it only lasted a few minutes before Miss Baby picked it off? Then I made a recycle sign out of vinyl and congratulated myself on a job well done? Well, that was July and this is September and Miss Baby has been diligently practicing her fine motor skills. She loves to scribble on anything and recently learned the joy of picking stickers off of items in Hobby Lobby (no kidding).

So this week in Baby VS Vinyl Recycle Sign, Baby scored 2 out of 3 recycle signs. (See picture above for baby in action.)

Here's Miss Baby crying over her interrupted artwork. Actually she was mad I took her binky away.

Now it's Mom and the Recycling Sign VS Baby. Plan C - spray paint.

 Step 1 - cut recycling sign out of Contact Paper (only 12 cents per foot versus vinyl at almost a dollar a foot). Don't you love the stripes? Not me.
 Step 2 - Cover garbage can.
 Step 3 - Spray.
Step 4 - Remove everything and admire your artwork. Admit that you didn't tape things down quite well enough and will have to use a little paint remover after things dry. And wonder why you can't upload right-side-up photos into blogger. Hmmm.

Step 5 - Wonder how long before Miss Baby defeats Plan C. :)

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