Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Zaycon Foods - bulk chicken sale

Jannette introduced me to a bulk food company that specializes in fresh meats: Zaycon Foods.

Our family has enjoyed the products she has shared with us: huge hot dogs, really great brat sausages, and 93% lean ground beef.  So I decided to make my first venture into using their company.  Zaycon only sells in bulk (you buy a case at a time), and they only sell fresh (their products are not frozen; they come from the farm to you via refrigerated truck).  You get an email announcing that they have a certain item available, and when you order, you choose a specific pick-up location, and there is a set window of time to come and get your product.  

So tonight I made my first order.  Currently (through the first week of October in most places), they are selling boneless, skinless chicken breasts for $1.69 a pound in a 40 lb case (that's $67.60 plus tax; my order here in UT was $69.63 with tax). 

Because they come as whole breasts in a huge case, I'll obviously have to spend some time trimming and storing the meat in smaller quantities.  I plan to bottle some and freeze some.  My last attempt at a 40 lb case of chicken was $1.59 a pound from a grocery store and very poor quality, but I have been impressed with the Zaycon products I have tried, and chicken is apparently their trademark product.  So here I go!  I'll let you all know how my experience is.

In the meantime, if you're curious, you can check Zaycon Foods out at  For my curiousity, I checked other regions in the country to see if they were selling this product other places besides Utah.  Mom, they have a chicken "event" in Hixson, TN, on Sat. Oct. 20.  Carol, they have one in Columbus, OH (and several other Ohio sites, but I wasn't sure what might be close to you).  Marg, they have one in San Antonio (likewise on the other TX sites).  Sorry, Naomi; no chicken for sale in West Virginia right now.

The other interesting thing about this company is they don't advertise.  Instead they offer a referral incentive program, which reminds me of Dad's talks about 'paying the people who make the company run.'  When a new person joins Zaycon Foods, they can list a code for the person who referred them to the company (I listed Jannette, of course).  From then on, anytime that person places and pays for an order, the referring person receives a $1 credit in their Zaycon account that can be used towards their own future purchases.  My referral name (in case any of you are so impressed you sign up immediately without waiting for my report ;-) is BonnieGee, or you can use this link:

Wow!  That's the longest post I've ever written for this or any blog. ;-)

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  1. Wish they had Zaycon near me, but then I'd need another freezer. :)


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