Friday, August 31, 2012

Discount Modest Swimwear

If you current swim suit is wearing out, check out the deals from Lime Ricki Swimwear!  I just recieved a promotion from for a substantial discount.  They have a store on Highland Dr in Salt Lake City, where they're clearing out display model swimwear for $5, top or bottom (more on that on their blog:

You can also order online,, $8 standard shipping, and if you click on Factory, there's a substantial selection of girl's swim bottoms for $5 a piece (unfortunately that can't be combined with the Living Social deal, but you could use Living Social for a tankini top to go with the bottoms).  You could get the whole thing for as little as $38, if I've calculated correctly.

I just recently got a new suit, but it's not as modest as I would like - these are much better.

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