Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Chick-Fil-A - mission accomplished and giveaway winners

So 5 kids and I braved Chick-Fil-A today. It was super busy (had to wait outside to get in the store). But people were super nice and super patient and a group even tried to spontaneously sing a patriotic song. The kids loved their mini sundaes and playing on the playground (which surprisingly wasn't crowded). I think I'll go again soon when it isn't so crowded and actually order a sandwich. I just didn't want to wait that long today and the kids had already had lunch.


Since I initiated this giveaway I hereby decide to award two prizes. Recycle signs go to:
So I have Anna's address, but if Stephanie could email me her address I can mail the vinyl recycle signs. Thanks for the chore suggestions. The kids have been nicer about helping the last few days. :)

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