Friday, March 2, 2012

Use your phone as a baby monitor

I don't have a baby monitor - they cost too much for good quality ones, and my home isn't big enough to make it absolutely necessary.  There are times, though, when I wish I had one.  Well... turns out I do!

I finally got around to figuring out the features on the phones that we inherited two years ago because the previous owners didn't want to go to the trouble of buying new batteries for them.  It's a Uniden cordless set with three handsets - and you can set two of them us a monitors - and still use the third to receive calls.  It works as long as both handsets are within range of the base - and from experience I know that's pretty far.  You can also use two handsets like walky-talkies, too!

So, keep in mind when shopping for a new phone or monitor that you might be able to get one that will do double duty.  Talk about a great deal!

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