Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Backseat Buckles

In anticipation of the arrival of number 4, we decided to move our 3 year old to the back seat of the mini-van. Unfortunately, getting buckled became very difficult. She wants to do it, but the buckle kept sliding under her booster seat! Getting in the van became a 10 minute process as we waited for 5 minutes each time while she got her buckle latched.

Then, inspiration struck! I went to the fabric store, got a 3 inch piece of 2 inch wide industrial strength sticky-backed velcro. Then I attached the soft side to the buckle and the rough side to her booster seat. I used the other half to do the same for her brother's booster.

Getting-in-the-van time is back down to its normal 5 minutes, and even big brother admits that it's easier to get buckled now!

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