Tuesday, September 16, 2014

frugally redecorated stairs

I finally got rid of the ancient brown carpet on pour basement stairs.  Since they lead to the playroom, I thought we'd have some fun with the decorating.  I used a variety ofvleftover ain't from various projects.

First I painted the light purple on the lower walls, then taped off the blue stripe at the top of the wall.  When everything was dry, we had a fun family activity putting our hand prints on the wall. The footproints were a little harder - we did those one at a time, each child sat on the step above while I painted one foot.  Then they placed their foot on the stair and into a basin of water.  I washed the foot and dried it off, then we repeated with the other foot.

On the wall is a puzzle - I turned it over, sprayed it with a spray adhesive
, sprayed a piece of foam board with adhesive, and stuck the two together.  Then a couple of Command strips to stick it to the wall.

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