Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Easter Art

 I finally finished it. After creating a design I liked, I got stumped. "Maybe I should have cut it out in black vinyl instead of white." "Can I really make paint a sunrise that I won't mind others seeing?" "Maybe I should just put it on a solid color background instead." Anyway, done is better than perfection, so today I pressed forward and although my attempt at a sunrise is far from perfect, it's the best sunrise I've ever painted.

"He is Risen" is my favorite Easter hymn. And one of my favorite things about spring is new flowers. The first ones to come up are the daffodils that I transplanted from my parents yard. Here in the South they have already bloomed and gone, but they still say spring to me. Right now we have irises and bluebonnets and the redbud tree is blooming too. Happy Easter!

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